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Xbox’s Phil Spencer insists Microsoft’s mass-layoffs position it for future growth, somehow

Everyone just loves Phil Spencer these days, right? Oh, right, all the layoffs. Probably not, then. But according to a recent interview with Game...
Now you can play with your straight friends!

Microsoft will require Final Fantasy XIV players to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass in order to play the game

It's tucked away in the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV's beta on the Xbox Series X|S starts on February 21st, but the announcement does...
Another Overwatch L.

The Overwatch League appears to be dead after six seasons

The Overwatch League appears to have lived up to its nickname, as it's yet another Overwatch L in light of the news that it...
why does this continue

The Epic Games Store is apparently still not profitable for Epic Games

It's now been five years since Epic Games launched the Epic Games store with an eye toward dethroning Steam, as epitomized by the fact...

Remember that report about cops fired for playing Pokemon Go on duty? There’s video now, and it’s worse

Way back in 2016 and 2017, it was rare to see a month go by without some sort of dreadful story about Pokemon Go...
Everything old is claimed to be new again.

WoW Classic pits players against the Lich King – with the dungeon finder – on October 10

Finally, at long last, players will get a chance to kill the Lich King in World of Warcraft! That is, if you somehow missed...

Jagex survival MMO SCUM is making male toons Smokin’ Hot in today’s patch

Jagex-published survival MMO SCUM is a game we haven't talked about literally in years, but I bet you remember it. It hit early access...

MMO and gaming companies enjoy some fun ribbing Twitter’s needless X rebranding stunt

If you woke up today and saw your little blue bird logo on Twitter replaced with what is reportedly a letter X from the...
Now my stats are good!

Former World of Warcraft dev claims he was fired over greedy goblin text lines

So good old Bobby Kotick's interview yesterday made him look really great, if we're using very inaccurate definitions of the words "great" and also...
Marching off to nowhere.

World of Warcraft’s wrapup quest for patch 10.1 requires killing the last boss of the raid to advance

The final story campaign quest for World of Warcraft's patch 10.1 requires killing the final boss of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. This is not...
Popcorn appropriately.

Overwatch 2 director attempts to take back control of the narrative over PvE cancellation

It hasn't been a fun week to be Aaron Keller, game director of Overwatch 2 and one of the people taking the brunt of...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO would make the best band name?

Quick, while my editor is asleep, I'm going to slip this into the queue! Let's see if we can get the comments to 100+...
Marching off to nowhere.

World of Warcraft reviews Community Discord program following backlash over non-disparagement and tracking software clauses

On May 5th, Blizzard introduced a new feature on the European community site, the Community Discord program for World of Warcraft. The idea seems...
Well, then, nope.

Galaxies of Eden devs cancel plans for social sandbox MMO to develop dubious AI-generated playground

So remember how Galaxies of Eden had delayed its pre-alpha testing because of technical roadblocks and bugs? Well, we've finally heard from the studio...

Worried about The Day Before? Its sauna will melt your cares away!

Despite its studio putting on the bravest of all faces and saying that there's nothing to be worried about, The Day Before's weird twisty-turny...
Oh, great.

Subreddit founder who started the 2021 Gamestonk craze sues Reddit over his ouster

One of the many, many weird stories to come out of 2021 was the one about Gamestonk, a memelord-led stock market charge that ballooned...

It has once again been zero days since a War Thunder player used military documents to win a forum fight

When we highlighted how War Thunder players had used classified military documents to argue their cases an astonishing three times during our roundup of...
Great plan. Hold on there.

Square-Enix’s Yosuke Matsuda is still all-in on blockchain and NFTs even after 2022

You might think that after watching the steady erosion and collapse of blockchain and NFTs in general and in the gaming space after 2022,...

Goodbye to all the reasons we can’t have nice things in MMOs, 2022 edition

A few years back, we started collecting our happiest stories under the "warm fuzzies" tag and our most unpleasant ones under "this is why...

Riot Games struggles to get out of deal with failing crypto company

Riot Games is the latest entity that's learning the hard way that crypto isn't a fast track to wealth and success. Last year, the...