Riders of Icarus is shutting down its Southeast Asian servers without any sort of character transfer

you guys wanna buy some drugs

There was a time when Riders of Icarus was fine, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only replace “when the Fire Nation attacked” with “when the game switched over to be a crypto operation.” And when that collapsed into absolute worthlessness because of course it did, the game tried to pretend it never happened… and buried more crypto junk deep in a disused lavatory with a sign reading “Beware of the Leopard.” We’re telling you all of this up-front because it’s important to be reminded that Valofe is not the protagonist of this story even beyond the facts of the story, which includes the fact that the studio is shutting down the game’s Southeast Asian regional server.

If you’d like to transfer your characters, up to and including bought items, Valofe would like to help you by hosting an accelerated progress event on the North American or European servers.

“Wait,” you say. “I don’t want an accelerated progression event. I want to transfer the progress I already made.” And to that, Valofe would like to extend a mighty middle finger to you because that option isn’t even offered. Seriously, the entire setup is that you will be happy to grind up literally everything you already had with nothing transferring at all, complete with the cash shop not actually closing until August after the announcement. We’d say that this is a particular failure for customer service, but as previously mentioned, crypto. Our condolences to the players on the SEA server who did still have genuine attachment to the game.

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