Bless Global is already delisted on Steam after trying to push crypto racket

Did we expect anything different? Not really. Just days after Bless Global relaunched the franchise for the umpteenth time on Steam, the MMO was delisted...

Valofe resurrects the sunsetted Diablo-like MMO Cronous in a Steam re-release

Usually, when an MMO has announced its closure, that's often the last word. However, some games refuse to go into that good night like...
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Riders of Icarus swaps to Nexon game cards following weak crypto token reception

There's a new way to pay for Riders of Icarus, just in case you're old fashioned and still like to buy premium currency instead...

Riders of Icarus’ play-to-earn crypto token is down to about ten cents of value

So, how is play-to-earn going for Riders of Icarus? Well, about as well as play-to-earn usually goes, which is to say very badly. MMO...

Bless Unleashed PC is becoming a blockchain play-to-earn MMORPG

Apparently, Valofe can be counted among the other studios being seduced by the siren song of crypto and play-to-earn schemes: A press release from...

Riders of Icarus kicks off a Flourishing Spring event involving egg hunts and snakes

What's the spring season without finding eggs and running into potentially venomous serpents? Luckily for all of us, Riders of Icarus remembers the real...
Bless Unsupported

Bless Unleashed is now officially in the Valofe wheelhouse

The sudden and abrupt change in Bless Unleashed management has now taken place, with the game's Steam page announcing that the game is now in...

Riders of Icarus has apparently sunsetted its only Russian server

Pour one out for Riders of Icarus aka Icarus Online, which apparently sunsetted its Russian server this week. As MMO Fallout first reported, the game...
Welcome to here.

Continent of the Ninth Seal is moving over to Valofe from Webzen for publishing

If you had some deep attachment to Webzen because the company was behind the publishing of Continent of the Ninth Seal, today's news will...
Sure, this is above the ground, but you get the general idea, right?

Riders of Icarus celebrates five years with an event, giveaways, items, and sales

Surprise! It's the fifth anniversary of mount-centric MMORPG Riders of Icarus and the game is celebrating the occasion with a whole lot of free...

MU Legend’s operation trades hands from Webzen to Valofe Global

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Valofe is the leftovers shelf of the MMO fridge: The publisher was first handed the keys to Riders...

Riders of Icarus’ new publisher vows to ‘keep it more active’ post-Nexon

Back in 2016, one of the fresh new games that rolled off the Nexon assembly line was Riders of Icarus. Our impressions of it...
Good children.

Riders of Icarus changes publishers as Nexon’s contract for the game runs out

Apparently, it has been three years since Riders of Icarus arrived in North America, but apparently that time also represents the end of Nexon's...
What even is this game, does anyone know?

VALOFE opens up its Atlantica Online servers

Mind the dust, folks, and enjoy that new server smell. Atlantica Online's new North American servers come online today under the stewardship of VALOFE,...

Nexon transfers Atlantica Online to VALOFE next week

Back in July of 2016, we learned that Atlantica Online was being shut down by all of its respective operators: Nexon America, NDOORS, and...

Atlantica Online closing down, will reopen under new management

It's a sad and somewhat scary day for fans of Atlantica Online: All three of the game's operators, including Nexon, have announced that they are...