Bless Unleashed PC is becoming a blockchain play-to-earn MMORPG


Apparently, Valofe can be counted among the other studios being seduced by the siren song of crypto and play-to-earn schemes: A press release from the company confirms that Bless Unleashed will integrate with the WEMIX platform in an attempt to transform into a play-to-earn title.

According to the presser, WEMIX is looking to expand its gaming arm and work with publishers who want to create P2E games as part of an overall plan to service 100 games on the platform by the end of the year. This agreement with Bless Unleashed is noted as being specifically wanted by Valofe, the publisher/developer of the PC version since it took over from Neowiz in January; the console version is still developed by Round 8 Studios and published by Bandai Namco and so is presumably not included in this deal.

Specifics on just what this integration will entail are not included in the press release, the game’s social media, Steam, or the official site, but the announcement is full of the usual gleeful statements from involved executives. “Various contents and the sense of freedom that can be experienced in Bless Unleashed create a synergy with the blockchain ecosystem,” said Valofe’s CEO Jaemyoung Shin in a statement. “We hope to present a special experience for users by onboarding the WEMIX platform.”

Reaction to the news on the game’s subreddit appears to be generally tame, though that is likely due to most respondents being apparent crypto adoring astroturfers, while the MMORPG sub is even less kind overall. As the game’s population on Steam has continued its slow decline, this new P2E embrace looks to be another weird chapter in the already very sad saga of the Bless IP.

source: Inven Global, Reddit (1, 2), Steam Charts
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