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SoulWorker hands publishing duties off to Valofe ‘for its continued enhancement and maintenance’

SoulWorker is another one of those action MMOs that has had a history of being passed about more frequently than a football: The game's...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Swordsman X Survival, Legend of Lunia, and X8

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's random and recurring roundup of a few MMOs you've never heard of! Maybe you've heard of some of them. You're...
two to the one to the one to the three

Bless Global is back again, this time on mobile and Steam as a shambling blockchain horror

I'm sorry to report this morning that Bless is back and at it again. Oh, that sounds cruel if you don't know the history, so...

Bless Global is a blockchain-linked version of Bless that’s headed for Steam and mobile devices

The life of the Korean MMORPG Bless has been like a neverending story without any of the '80s-era whimsy. Readers will remember it first...

Valofe resurrects the sunsetted Diablo-like MMO Cronous in a Steam re-release

Usually, when an MMO has announced its closure, that's often the last word. However, some games refuse to go into that good night like...
Effing OOPS

Perfect Ten: An MMO sunset tour for 2022 to date

MMO sunsets can be weird. I am never happy when a game that people love goes away. It always represents a lot of lost...
Not the problem.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 388: Elyon descends through finite care

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Classic's Wrath pre-patch, New World's new servers, Elyon's sunset, Bless Unleashed's sunset, EVE Online Uprising, Star Trek Online's Wil Wheaton, and Temtem's launch, with adventures in LOTRO, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, with a lightning round of MMO questions from the mailbag.
And... NO.

Bless Unleashed on console becomes the latest Bless title to shut down

Stop me if you've heard this one: Bless is shutting down. It's Bless Unleashed this time. Our readers will remember that Bless Online originally launched...
And... NO.

Bless Unleashed celebrates its one-year anniversary while ignoring its play-to-earn announcement

It's been a year since Bless Unleashed returned to PC players, and developer Valofe has been celebrating through the month of August with a...
What you are chasing and will not get.

Perfect Ten: MMOs that have fallen to the dark side of cryptocurrency

Here's an interesting point that's worth considering: For all the talk about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the metaverse, and other Web3 buzzwords being the future of...

Bless Unleashed PC is becoming a blockchain play-to-earn MMORPG

Apparently, Valofe can be counted among the other studios being seduced by the siren song of crypto and play-to-earn schemes: A press release from...
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Bless Unleashed is now officially in the Valofe wheelhouse

The sudden and abrupt change in Bless Unleashed management has now taken place, with the game's Steam page announcing that the game is now in...
Are we good now? Do you love us yet?

Bless Unleashed’s content roadmap will be impacted by its sudden publisher change

Yesterday, we covered the distressing news that Neowiz and Round8Studio have apparently begun disentangling themselves from Bless Unleashed's PC version, turning that version of...

Neowiz will transfer service and development of Bless Unleashed PC over to Valofe on January 26

It appears that publisher and developer Neowiz is going to be passing the Bless Unleashed PC torch. The studio announced on the game's Steam...

One Shots: The weather never cooperates with photography

Do you ever experience that frustrating feeling of knowing that your game is all sorts of beautiful -- yet it never cooperates when you...

Bless Unleashed PC adds a Potential system, a dimensional dungeon, and new equipment in latest patch

The word "potential" is capitalized in that headline for a reason, since Bless Unleashed on PC has added what is being called a Potential...

Bless Unleashed PC preps November 29 update with new dimensional dungeons

Bless Unleashed is gearing up for a big PC update next week after the Thanksgiving holiday has died down, so prepare yourselves for the...

The MOP Up: Valve’s Steam Deck gets delayed to 2022

Bad news for those among you who were hoping to play some MMOs on Valve's Steam Deck this holiday season: The company announced that...
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Bless Unleashed PC answers questions about high-level rewards, gathering, PvP balance, and more

The devs at Round 8 Studio raked in several player questions related to Bless Unleashed on PC and shared the answers on Steam, discussing...

Bless Unleashed PC adds new lair challenge, field boss, and PvP season in latest update

Last week brought a bunch of new things for players of Bless Unleashed to fight, whether it's a big angry dragon, a big spooky...