Bless Unleashed PC answers questions about high-level rewards, gathering, PvP balance, and more

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The devs at Round 8 Studio raked in several player questions related to Bless Unleashed on PC and shared the answers on Steam, discussing various high-level gameplay matters, PvP balance, crafting and enhancement, and other topics important to the playerbase.

A few different answers were aimed in the direction of dungeons, outlining plans to make lower level dungeons more rewarding by adding “valued items” while also spreading out rewards to other forms of content including PvP, battlefield content, twisted bosses, and crafting. On the subject of rewards from dungeons, the devs also plan on reducing the number of items players can obtain from high level dungeons to encourage players to do other things in-game.

On the subject of gathering, the devs acknowledge that an adjustment made to gathering nodes to stymie goldsellers has also ended up hurting normal players, so there are plans to increase the spawn rate of gathering nodes as well as offering crafting materials for sale at NPC shops. The devs also promise an increase in enhancement materials to make the system easier.

Finally, the Q&A addressed a complaint about PvP balance, promising to enhance PvP skills over time. The answer does note that perfect balance is impossible, but also asks for patience from players as the team turns the appropriate dials to make PvP as fair as possible. While we’re talking about PvP, the game’s latest patch has reduced the cost of S weapons and S armor. Players who purchased the related items prior to this change will see refunds of Victory Tokens.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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