Official Site: Bless (KR)
Studio: Neowiz
Launch Date: 2018
Genre: Fantasy Sandbox
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac

Hot or not?

Bless Unleashed plans a stress test starting at the end of January

When is Bless Unleashed launching? It's a perfectly valid question, and the official answer is still a coy smirk and a vague "soon"...
We have alternate titles but you can't see 'em.

Bless Unleashed unveils the Union system and crafter-centric society

It's time to team up with other players in a very passive sense in Bless Unleashed with the addition of the game's Union...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 254: New year mysteries

Justin and Bree discuss Ashes of Creation, Camelot Unchained, Guild Wars, the Bless franchise, City of Heroes, LOTRO, SWG Legends, and The Witcher, with mailbag topics on CoH on console, PlanetSide's mismanagement, and a celebratory haiku that prompts some follow-up site discussion!

Black Desert PS4 will release the Valkyrie class and Awakening on January 9

Aw yeah, the console versions of Black Desert are slowly getting class parity with the PC version, bless them. Hot on the heels...

Neowiz takes another stab at the Bless IP with mobile MMO Bless Eternal

Will we ever find time to properly process our grief and mourn the late Bless Online? Not bloody likely, as the necromancy team...

Bless Unleashed outlines a variety of adjustments on the way for crafting and upgrading items

Well blow me down, it looks like the open beta of Bless Unleashed is actually being used as a test bed! First there...

Bless Unleashed discusses adjustments to open world PvP after open beta feedback

Yep, Bless Unleashed has open world PvP in its Xbox One open beta. Yep, it went about the way you'd expect judging...

Dang, Astellia Online is sunsetting in its native South Korea

Well, this is not a good sign: Nexon announced last night that it's closing Astellia Online in its native South Korea. If...
We have alternate titles but you can't see 'em.

Bless Unleashed has officially entered open beta on Xbox One

Bless Unleashed is journeying into open beta on Xbox One today, and it's not without baggage. The game is a Neowiz/Round 8 Studio collab...

Bless Unleashed kicks off open beta tomorrow on November 7

It's been a whole lot of talk up to this point, but soon it will be time for Bless Unleashed to back it...
But THIS time it'll work.

Bless Unleashed explains the multi-tiered process of equipping your character properly

If you were worried that equipping your character would be a simple process of looking at an item level number in Bless Unleashed, you...

Bless Unleashed devs say they’ve ‘drastically reworked the entire crafting system’

As Neowiz and Bandai Namco march onward toward the open beta of Bless Unleashed in November, the teams have once again penned...
I'm sure this is fine.

Bless Unleashed announces combat changes arriving to the first open beta

The upcoming open beta for Bless Unleashed has a fair bit riding on it, since this really-not-the-original-game-we-promise title doesn't exactly have an unblemished legacy...
The back end.

The MOP Up: Star Trek Online’s thorny patrol

Cryptic is really hot to trot with Star Trek Online's new patrol system, and this past week the studio highlighted the third new one:...

The MOP Up: KurtzPel is getting a dash of Lime

KurtzPel is getting its newest hero, Lime, very soon, and to lead up to her release the game is winging a CP...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ future looks bright

Don't let games like Fortnite and Overwatch make you forget that League of Legends is still a thing. In fact, Riot...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 238: Ten years of free-to-play

Justin and Bree discuss DDO, Bless, Book of Travels, Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, WoW Classic & Retail, Guild Wars 2, and LOTRO, with mailbag topics on static endgames and genre labels.

The MOP Up: Plants vs. Zombies goes multiplayer

Do you remember that quirky personality-filled Plants vs. Zombies lane defense game from way back when? Popcap has been expanding that series franchise ever...

UK parliament committee calls for ban on selling lockboxes to kids, deems games industry ‘wilfully obtuse’

As gamers will recall, the UK government's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee panel has been investigating addictive technologies for the better...

Bless Online has officially sunsetted – RIP, Bless

Back in June, Neowiz announced the sad news that Bless Online's western version on Steam - the last version left alive - was...