Bungie and Destiny 2 players empower relief for Hawaii with fundraising campaign


Bungie and the Destiny 2 playerbase have formally joined the effort to aid Hawaii following devastating wildfires earlier this month.

“Last week devastating wildfires fueled by hurricane force winds struck Hawaii, leaving a path of destruction unheard of in its wake across Maui and the Island of Hawaii,” the studio wrote yesterday. “The historic town of Lahaina has been reduced to ashes with over100 lives lost, many more still unaccounted for, thousands made homeless, and countless pieces of cherished history and culture erased overnight. Our hearts go out to all the communities, individuals, and loved ones affected by this tragedy. Beginning today, the Bungie Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign to directly support the relief and recovery efforts across Hawaii. All profits will go directly to our long-time partner Direct Relief, who is already delivering lifesaving emergency medical kits and aiding in search and rescue operations.”

The fundraising collab combines efforts from Bungie’s Asian diversity team with artwork from an O’ahu artist; they’ve created a charity t-shirt and in-game emblem:

“This shirt features a Ghost set against the backdrop of Mauna Kahālāwai (West Maui Mountains) projecting a hologram of Maui. Surrounding the hologram is a Tti leaf (lāʻī) lei adorned with ‘aʻaliʻi flowers. The lei is a common symbol of respect, love, and aloha with the lāʻī traditionally used to ward off bad spirits, cleanse, bless, and heal people. The ʻaʻaliʻi is an indigenous plant to Hawaii whose seeds can endure fire and are some of the first plants to grow back in burned areas. Below the design, the words ‘Mālama Maui’ can be seen, meaning ‘Take Care, Maui’ in Hawaiian.”

In fact, so many people leaped in to contribute last night that the site capsized under the weight of your love. Oops.

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