Mad World brings back more hard modes for dungeons, tweaks gem crafting, and updates tribe system


Would you like some harder dungeons, easier gem crafting things, and updates to tribe skills in Mad World? Well that’s good because that’s just what you’re getting in the OARPG’s latest update. There are obviously some other things going on too, but those are the highlights.

Specifically, hard mode is back on the menu for several dungeons like Old Shelter and Leech Cave, players can now use custom crafting for abyss and life gemstones while acquiring these gems is now done from abyss and life monsters respectively, and the tribe system has received several changes including a multitude of updates to skills and what levels they’ll be accessible.

On top of those spotlighted features, the new patch has adjusted how several other materials are gained, added a new legendary grade to items, improved source memory description tooltips, and squashed a few bugs.

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