Profane’s August roadmap update heralds a focus on polishing existing features


Sure, adding new stuff to a developing game like Profane isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you need to circle back to the stuff that’s already been built and refine it. That’s the general line of thinking for Insane Studio with its August roadmap update post, as the team acts on community feedback and shifts its focus to polish and refinement.

“With tests and with your feedback, we understood that it is time to work on improving features we already have, instead of bringing new ones (momentarily),” the Twitter thread reads. “So expect some polishing for what you’ve seen so far.”

As part of this focus, two new cards were added to the roadmap that will detail progress on advanced customization to enhance the character creation screen, as well as an overall improvements card that will grant followers a broad-strokes look at refinements for combat, optimization and performance, chat, and player character visuals. Meanwhile, multiple systems such as farming, housing, crafting, basic combat, gathering, and placeable plot items are listed as complete.

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