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Betawatch: Dreamworld’s alpha is a trip and a half

So, remember Dreamworld, or as it's known around these parts, "that game that never sounded remotely plausible"? Well, the good news (for a very, very...

Profane shares a sneak peek at its weather system and day/night cycle

Are you a fan of MMO weather systems and day/night cycles? Then you'll love the latest Twitter thread from the developers of Profane, which......

Profane talks about the Primordial Elements of Life and Instinct

Yep, it's another tweet thread from Profane all about its in-development game's systems. This time we have a look at Primordial Elements -- magic...

Profane delays a couple of alpha roadmap features thanks to a player movement bug

When bugs attack, they can upend a few things in game development. That sort of fate has befallen Profane, the PvP sandbox MMO that...

Profane previews its sound design by focusing on a tropical beach biome

While the developing PvP MMO Profane will obviously feature the sounds of fighting between players and the sounds of combat in general, a new...

PvP Sandbox MMO Profane updates its alpha roadmap

We've been watching the emergence of Profane with some interest, especially considering that this PvP sandbox has eye-catching graphics and an aggressive development schedule....
You're the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon aims high for alpha test and hits low with NFTs

Ah, Pantheon, you're aiming high for your still-undated alpha test! That's a really good thing. It's why we're rooting for you as a scrappy...

In-development MMO Profane outlines how dungeons might work in its PvP sandbox

You'd be forgiven for believing that a PvP sandbox like Profane wouldn't really be big on having dungeons in it, but that doesn't appear...

PvP sandbox MMO Profane shares details about its new combat skills

Being a PvP sandbox about territorial domination, it would stand to reason that Profane would be creating plenty of combat skills. Information about those...

Betawatch: Magic Legends hits open beta on March 23

It took a bit longer than expected, possibly longer than the developers had hoped, but it's finally happening. Magic Legends has an official open beta...

Profane maps out alpha updates and testing plans for the first half of the year

Profane, the self-described open PvP sandbox MMO of "territorial domination," has arrived to Reddit with a roadmap for alpha, offering details on update plans...

Full-loot PvP MMORPG Profane postpones end-of-year testing, now counts 43 staff

At the top of 2020, we covered a new MMO called Profane, one that sparked a lot of discussion over its full-loot, open PvP...

Open PvP sandbox Profane shows off its procedural map tech

The open PvP sandbox title Profane has shared yet another development update on its official subreddit. This time, it's all about the game's procedural...

Open PvP sandbox MMO Profane shares its development process on the way to alpha release

Profane, the full-loot open PvP sandbox from Brazilian dev studio Insane that we told you about in January, has put out another post to...

Profane is a full-loot open PvP sandbox of territorial domination

Maybe you're among those who are upset at New World's shifting focus and you're wondering where your next fully open PvP MMO is. Perhaps...