And a real universe.

Betawatch: Dual Universe’s new subscription time token

Subscription time tokens! Those always work out well, right? They always fill people with positive fuzzy thoughts and make people happy? That's a thing,...

Profane is seeking testers for its ‘first basic combat test’

Did you know that Profane has a Discord? There's a Discord for Profane. You should join it. The Discord. The one for Profane. The...

Profane shares another development roadmap update, announces it’s ‘very close’ to a community combat test

It's time for another pair of Twitter update threads from Profane! First off, we have the April roadmap update, which notes that network architecture...
You are not the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon discusses the building blocks of crafting

So if you're curious about crafting in Pantheon, the latest dispatch from the development team is all about building blocks. No, not that... the crafting...

Profane’s latest reveal zeroes in on a new tameable mount

Who's that Pokemon? It's not, it's Profane's latest creature feature, the Alyacaw, a new critter that will be in the game and the subject...

The MOP Up: Funcom’s Dune Spice Wars comes to early access this month

While it's not Funcom's long-awaited massive open world RPG set in the same sci-fi universe, the studio's Dune Spice Wars is going to take...

April Fools’ Day around the MMO world, 2022 edition

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is happening everywhere, specifically to annoy copyeditors who have to fix that dang apostrophe...
I demand to pay more for this.

Betawatch: Dual Universe talks up Athena as its last pre-launch patch

Athena, you've gotta see her. Or at least what the update bearing her name means for Dual Universe, which is promising that this is the...

Profane showcases new customization options and releases an updated roadmap

What will your character look like in the PvP sandbox of Profane? According to one of the game's latest Twitter threads, you're going to...

Profane is looking to create a whale with harvestable resources on its body

The picture you see above is a piece of concept artwork for a very large whale that will be found in the waters of...

Profane talks up armor skins, Portinus culture, and a new island creation tool

Regular readers by now know that the developing PvP MMO Profane really does love to kick out Twitter threads, and the past three weeks...
Fracking! Yes? No.

Betawatch: Fractured Online kicks off another alpha weekend

You can get your test on in Fractured Online this weekend, as the game is offering another testing weekend for people to jump in...

Profane confirms that it will have very large and aggressive manatees

Is a world truly alive if it doesn't have manatees in it? The devs of the PvP sandbox MMORPG Profane clearly understand the correct...

Profane discusses skills and how players will acquire them in Twitter thread

It's time for another Profane Twitter thread! No, not a thread of angry, expletive-filled postings on Twitter, but a Twitter thread from the devs...

Profane replaces calendar dates on its development roadmap with highlights and progress bars

One of the biggest, spikiest, gnarliest bear traps in open development is slapping a date on a feature; nine times out of ten, date...

Profane shares some lore, character creation updates, a bird design, and an end-of-year wrap-up

The full-loot PvP sandbox of Profane continues to use its Twitter account as a sounding board for its variety of updates and concept previews,...

Profane ponders the effects of seasons, weather, and day/night cycles to gameplay

Yep, it's another Twitter thread from Profane. Yep, it's once again rather design document-like and vaporous. It's also something distinct and not often considered...

In-development PvP MMO Profane explains its primordial ‘mind’ element

The world of Profane is powered by five different primordial elements: light, shadow, life, instinct, and mind, the last of which is the subject...

Profane discusses toxicity in full-loot MMOs and its plans for player-built houses and towns

Profane is a full-loot open PvP sandbox MMORPG, a fact that the devs at Insane have been touting loudly and proudly several times. This...

Betawatch: Profane shows off its character creation models

We're going to go ahead and lay out a hot take for all of you this week: Character creation in an MMORPG is pretty important....