Profane ponders the effects of seasons, weather, and day/night cycles to gameplay

Yep, it's another Twitter thread from Profane. Yep, it's once again rather design document-like and vaporous. It's also something distinct and not often considered...

In-development PvP MMO Profane explains its primordial ‘mind’ element

The world of Profane is powered by five different primordial elements: light, shadow, life, instinct, and mind, the last of which is the subject...

Profane discusses toxicity in full-loot MMOs and its plans for player-built houses and towns

Profane is a full-loot open PvP sandbox MMORPG, a fact that the devs at Insane have been touting loudly and proudly several times. This...

Betawatch: Profane shows off its character creation models

We're going to go ahead and lay out a hot take for all of you this week: Character creation in an MMORPG is pretty important....

Indie sandbox MMO Profane recaps latest progress in new video

Most of the time, the PvP MMO Profane has been showing off its development progress via Twitter threads. This time around, however, there's a...

Insane’s CEO discusses how Profane will mitigate the problem of PvP zergs

One of the bigger concerns in any open PvP game that involves holding territory is zerging. How do you stop a massive group of...

Profane takes a jog over all sorts of different terrain to show off footfall VFX in latest Twitter thread

When you're dashing through an MMO's world, how carefully are you staring at your feet? Probably not very closely, if we had to guess....

Profane splashes its new digital water everywhere in latest Twitter showcase

I recall a time during the Nintendo 64's early life cycle when devs were excited to show off new water animation tech. Sure, it...

Profane proudly showcases a suit of metal armor and beats the FFA PvP drum once more

Some people like cloth armor, some like leather armor, but some like the big, bulky, and (ideally) secure feeling of metal armor. Unsurprisingly, Profane...

Profane shares another alpha roadmap update, plans to test character creation soon

PvP MMO Profane is back on its Twitter trip, this time offering another update to its alpha roadmap and a quick rundown of the...

Sandbox MMO Profane discusses how players will acquire cosmetics

As we've touched on many times, dressing up your MMO avatar is the single most important thing you can do in-game. Mercifully, the devs...

Profane provides a look at a tropical region cenote in latest Twitter thread

Today we're all going to learn more about some of the tropical landscape of Profane as well as a new word: cenote. That's basically...

PvP sandbox Profane shows off development progress as it marches toward alpha

PvP MMO sandbox Profane's been busting its hump this year working to get all of the core parts and features into place, and you...
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Betawatch: Dreamworld’s alpha is a trip and a half

So, remember Dreamworld, or as it's known around these parts, "that game that never sounded remotely plausible"? Well, the good news (for a very, very...

Profane shares a sneak peek at its weather system and day/night cycle

Are you a fan of MMO weather systems and day/night cycles? Then you'll love the latest Twitter thread from the developers of Profane, which......

Profane talks about the Primordial Elements of Life and Instinct

Yep, it's another tweet thread from Profane all about its in-development game's systems. This time we have a look at Primordial Elements -- magic...

Profane delays a couple of alpha roadmap features thanks to a player movement bug

When bugs attack, they can upend a few things in game development. That sort of fate has befallen Profane, the PvP sandbox MMO that...

Profane previews its sound design by focusing on a tropical beach biome

While the developing PvP MMO Profane will obviously feature the sounds of fighting between players and the sounds of combat in general, a new...

PvP Sandbox MMO Profane updates its alpha roadmap

We've been watching the emergence of Profane with some interest, especially considering that this PvP sandbox has eye-catching graphics and an aggressive development schedule....
You're the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon aims high for alpha test and hits low with NFTs

Ah, Pantheon, you're aiming high for your still-undated alpha test! That's a really good thing. It's why we're rooting for you as a scrappy...