Profane shares a brief video demonstration of its most recent build in action


The FFA PvP sandbox title Profane has no shortage of progress reports to offer its Twitter followers as we’ve reported on plenty of times before, but sometimes Twitter threads and roadmap images don’t really demonstrate the full breadth of development progress. That’s ideally where this latest video footage comes in to play, as it grants fans about a minute’s worth of in-game footage from a recent build.

The tweet and subsequent video go out of their way to absolutely slap viewers in the face with disclaimers about footage not being final and things like textures, effects, animations, and lighting are work-in-progress. Additionally, the skills being demonstrated aren’t necessarily ones that were thought out from a gameplay perspective, as they’re primarily being done to test Insane Studios’ skill creation tool.

Even with all of that preamble in mind, this is the most recent look of the game in action since a landscape building preview video from last year and a round-up video of updates a year before that. Regrettably, it’s lower quality Twitter video, but it can still be watched below.

source: Twitter
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