Profane says crafting gear is all about equipping players what they need ‘for the specific objective’


As we reported back in May, upcoming PvP MMO sandbox Profane is spending its summer months tanning — and focusing on beefing up its crafting and building systems. As part of this phase, the dev team took to Twitter to post a chunked-up article about how gear and crafting mats interact in the game.

The team said that players shouldn’t get too attached to gear in a full-loot environment but rather see items as purposeful for a task: “Gear and all kinds of items will be used by players as means to an end, like resources that are used to achieve a goal. What will matter to players is how they can change the world through domination, expanse, control, exploration and discovery. It won’t be about an eternal search for better gear. It will be about crafting the gear that gives you the appropriate stats you need for the specific objective or adventure you are looking for at the moment.”

Other projects that the team is working on at the moment include a more integrated user interface, an “item creator” tool for the devs, models for player housing, and updates to crafting converters.

Source: Twitter
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