Profane’s development roadmap moves into a crafting and building focused ‘phase 3’


While Profane is all about that PvP, it’s not going to completely forego some of the more pastoral parts of sandbox MMO life. This is what leads into the game’s latest Twitter thread, which shares the May roadmap update and the next literal phase of its development that’s mostly about crafting and building.

The May roadmap represents the end of “phase 2” and the move to “phase 3,” with features like items, gathering, crafting, housing, protection items, and death being worked on. This phase will also re-integrate a number of pre-alpha content functions along with the aforementioned focus on crafting and building. As one might expect, future test phases will focus on these features, but dates remain unconfirmed as part of the dev team’s policy of not committing to a date, missing it, and causing frustration.

For those following along with Profane’s progress, the Twitter thread and the full May roadmap break down everything that’s in the works.

source: Twitter
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