Black Desert Console offers a deep-dive into the creation of the Drakania class


By now players of Black Desert are familiar with the Drakania, the new class that was introduced on PC in April’s Eternal Winter update. For those who are enjoying the class enough that they’re curious about how it came together – or just getting a chance thanks to the launch of the class on console – Pearl Abyss has this video presentation just for you.

The video brings on several developers to talk about a variety of aspects of the Drakania’s creation, from visuals to lore to sound design. The team even went so far as to make sure that the class’ sword, armor style, and animations didn’t have too much in line with existing armored heavy weapon swingers.

On the subject of lore, the video promises that more about the Drakania’s background and her relation to the warring ancient dragons will be revealed in due time. Get your eyes full of dragon warrior lady in the video below.

source: YouTube
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