Indie MMO Profane discusses the importance of ships and island exploration


The developers of the PvP survivalbox Profane are back with yet another Twitter thread about the game’s systems, this time talking about ships, island exploration, and ideas for naval combat.

Since the world of Semisus is made up of several islands of varying sizes, players will need to get their hands on a ship at some point or another either through getting a ship or building their own through the architecture profession. This opens up the vast majority of the game world, letting players find new regions with new resources to gather, as well as providing its own inventory to store resources in.

Ships themselves come in three tiers according to concept drawings shared in the thread, and since player character models have collision, that limits the number of people that can ride a ship. Additionally, ships have differing styles that makes them more suited to things like hauling or combat. On the subject of combat, the devs note that players will be able to launch ranged attacks from on deck on top of either standard or elementally-charged cannon fire.

In the end, the devs want ships to be an important tool for exploration, but don’t want the game to lose its more arcade-like gameplay roots. “Don’t expect having to micro-manage every little thing in your ship, with each crew member having a specific role, such as raising or turning sails all the time,” the thread explains. “We are considering some little chores, such as fixing the ship during combat or raising the anchor, but this will definitely not be a ‘pirate ship’ simulator.”

source: Twitter
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