Profane discusses ambient sound, VFX work, guild features, and map generation


With the month of December coming to a close, it’s about time for us to look through Profane‘s social media, where most of its visible updates are made.

The start of the month was about ambient sound, discussing the creation of three different biome sounds and how they were designed. A week later, the devs shared an initial pass at guild features like rank features and ally and enemy lists, along with other upcoming functions like guild-specific map markers and the ability for guild leaders to create contracts for members to complete.

The middle of the month was a visual presentation focused on new VFX for several travel-related spells along with explanations of the spells in question, and finally the month closed out with a look at the devs’ map generation tool that closes out with the customary “excited for 2023” post.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4)
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