MMO Profane teases cosmetics, housing, and crafting in latest braindump


FFA PvP MMO Profane continues its refusal to create forum threads or blog posts about its development progress, choosing instead to dish out Twitter threads that highlight what it’s been doing. This brings us to this month of August and another three such threads shared by the team.

The first thread is related to its plans for cosmetics, offering previews of cash shop cosmetic items that will include altar skins and building skins on top of character skins, though it does note that not all skins will be shop-exclusive. The thread also promises that building skins won’t be immersion-breaking in their design.

The next thread deals with player housing, explaining the importance of housing since it houses crafting workstations, confirming that houses will be pre-built lots of various sizes and styles, and considering the inclusion of an NPC that will sell house contracts or a free starter house as a reward for completing a housing tutorial in addition to having players build house lots through the carpentry proficiency.

On the subject of crafting workstations, that’s the focus of the game’s most recent thread. Here the devs explain their principles for workstations (easily moveable, accessible and destructible by anyone, multiple can be built, etc.) and expound upon their importance, since they’ll be a place for more advanced creations to be built. The devs are also musing on how rare crafting recipes work, with some that can only be found by exploration as an example.

source: Twitter (1, 2, 3)
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