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Mad World offers a quick peek at dungeon gameplay in a new video

It's been quite a while since we heard something out of Jandisoft's isometric MMO Mad World, which is a pretty frequent refrain we're...

Mad World says it’s still on track for a 2020 release

As we noticed back in May, promotion and public updates for Jandisoft's Mad World has all but slowed down to a standstill....
Is anyone else there?

Betawatch: Population Zero’s early access is here

Yes, it's true, Population Zero marched its way into early access this past week. It then promptly apologized for how the...

Mad World previews ongoing alpha development in new gameplay video

It's been a while since we heard much from upcoming MMO Mad World, hasn't it? That's the isometric, grimdark MMO from Jandisoft that...

Mad World interviews its writing team and further fleshes out its universe

With a game title like Mad World, you probably expect a lot of things to have gone wrong. Part of getting that sensation...

Mad World’s dev team discusses adapting the game’s grimdark world

Creating the grim world of Mad World isn't just about using browns for a color palette and making sure there's mindless gore. There's...

Mad World shows off its upcoming pet system

Going through the mad world of Mad World need not be done alone. In a recent developer diary, players got a first...

Grimdark MMO Mad World resurfaces with new updates and explanations for alpha delays

You folks remember Mad World, right? The isometric, grimdark Jandisoft MMO that's missed several testing and Steam deadlines now? Back in November,...
All right, here we go.

Betawatch: Torchlight Frontiers is indeed delayed

In late November, it's time for a lot of studios to admit that a game just isn't coming out this year. Torchlight Frontiers has...

Massively Overthinking: What MMO were you hoping to hear much more about this year?

Going through our coverage of 2019's MMOs, I realized there are a bunch of games that have previously been on our "anticipated" lists that...

Mad World’s dev team finally explains its recent radio silence

Things have been radio silent regarding the development of MMOARPG Mad World, with the most recent news being that Netmarble will be...
No, really, Tears for Fears.

Netmarble takes on global publishing duties for Mad World

At long last, Netmarble can proudly stand as the worldwide premiere publisher of MMOs sharing the title with a Tears for Fears song, as...

Mad World’s alpha footage features hungry frogs and players freaking out over cheese

Even as Diablo-clone Mad World debates whether or not to dip its toes into crowdfunding, the action MMORPG is chugging along in...

Mad World debates diving into crowdfunding

Grimdark 2-D MMORPG Mad World has had our attention for a while now with its fantastic visuals and promises of a horror-tinged fantasy...

Mad World dates its second alpha test for PC players

If you missed your chance to play Mad World, the grimdark MMO with an almost Todd Macfarlane-esque art style, then you've got another...

The MOP Up: Grab your Harry Potter nickname now!

When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite arrives later this year, by which name will you be known and feared? Lord Scooby? Mr. Cheddar? Fluffybutticus?...
All right, here we go.

Betawatch: Torchlight Frontiers hits its third alpha so hard it breaks all the NDAs

Yes, you read that right. Torchlight Frontiers hit its NDA so hard that it done broke. There's no NDA for the third...

Grimdark MMORPG Mad World opens hardcore signups for April alpha zero

We've been keeping watch on Jandisoft's upcoming MMO Mad World since 2017, when it first appeared in one of our roundups. But since...

Mad World’s gameplay trailer is long on gore and short on lore

It's a dark and scary world out there, and you won't be blamed for just staying in bed with the covers pulled up over...
No, really, Tears for Fears.

Mad World shows off its improved skill system, but no Steam in sight

While the cross-platform hack-and-slash MMO Mad World was supposed to arrive on Steam this fall, it looks as though the project is...