Mad World shares the rest of its 2023 roadmap with tribal wars and Halloween


Poor Mad World: This splatterpunk horror MMO was birthed into this world in about the most messy fashion possible while still surviving. And as we continue our long vigil for a Steam release, developer Jandisoft is forging ahead with many initiatives and content additions over the rest of this year.

The studio posted its revised roadmap for the remainder of 2023, noting that we’ll be getting one update in late summer, one in the fall, and a third sometime over the winter. Highlights of these updates include new dungeons, improvements to the pet system, a Tribal survival war mode, a balance pass for crafting, another high-level zone, a rework of the PvP system, and a Halloween event.

Another improvement on the way is a revised website: “Mad World’s homepage is not in the best shape to provide meaningful info, or to provide info directly to the users. It will be improved to provide info clearly and send notice on updates/notices in-game, real-time. We will also add forum that will give updates on game updates and directions, and we will also add forum to check events so that you will not miss events and their benefits.”

Source: Mad World
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