Nightingale shows off estate styles, new POIs, NPC body randomization, and fancy trees


While the release timing of gaslamp fantasy-styled survivalbox Nightingale still remains a bit up in the air, Inflexion Games is still eager to show players a wide assortment of fantastical sights in its August developer update blog. So if you like pretty houses, nifty looking POIs, or wonky trees, you’re in the right place.

Most of the latest previews are focused on estate styles, with several looks at an adorned desert style, a Viking-like stave set, and a short video preview of a shack set for those who take “rustic” to new heights of ramshackle.

The vista previews further continue in a look at several towering POIs, as in literal towers from a swamp biome, forest biome, and desert biome. The post also showcases a unique randomization feature for enemy NPCs and animals that will generate variable body types, meaning no two eldritch horror creatures will look alike. Finally, there are looks at some of the distinctive fae trees that can be found in some biomes and a fun bug that sees a tree trying to sneakily slide across the terrain.

Obviously none of this answers whether Nightingale’s target for autumn early access will be hit, but there are at least plenty of sights to see before then.

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