Fae Farm’s latest dev livestream looks at NPC relationships, customization, and mid-game activities


Phoenix Labs’ upcoming multiplayer life sim Fae Farm is back once again with another gameplay livestream featuring the devs, but this time around the broadcast is granting players a quick look at some of the activities available as progression moves forward, along with a couple of other gameplay systems.

Some of the things shown off in the stream include a critter conservatory station that generates potion making materials along with a brief demonstration of potion effects, a larger forest farmstead that allows for the husbandry of much larger animals than the starter farm, a few moments of customization in terms of characters and housing (such as the all-important fairy wings), and a look at the relationship and romance options with NPCs that are available. On those last two points, Fae Farm put out individual videos highlighting these features.

Speaking of progression, one of the devs points out how she got to the point of her playthrough, mentioning that she was able to power level herself a bit thanks to both knowing how game systems work and having some help. All told this point of her progress took about 15 hours, but she also points out that an entire portion of the map is still covered in a fog of war (fog of cozy?) with more locations that can be uncovered.

Player questions were answered along the way throughout the cast, including confirmation that the Switch version will run at 30 FPS (versus 60 FPS on PC), confirmation that seasonal changes will run on their own in-game timer as opposed to real life, and the potential for the title to be playable at the stroke of midnight when it makes its September 8th release.

source: YouTube (1, 2, 3)
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