Embers Adrift discusses work on a hunting log and faster combat abilities


Embers Adrift is once more placing its CM Elloa in front of a camera to showcase the latest work for the sandbox MMORPG, as the game’s current QA development for this month focuses on adding a hunting log and making combat abilities feel a whole lot faster.

The hunting log feature in Embers effectively lets players earn their way to selectable stat bonuses or titles when they kill a specific creature multiple times. These unlocks await within tiers of log progress. Players can also respec to a previous tier if they don’t like the selections they have made, but they will have to re-earn their progress if they do so.

Another major portion of the test build is work on making abilities faster. Multiple skills and buffs have been changed to instant cast, while abilities that had a two second cast time have now been tweaked to a one second cast instead. This should make combat feel more crisp but players should be aware that enemy health, armor, damage, and XP is also going to be tuned in order to compensate for the increased speed of combat.

“This is a big change,” Elloa remarks in the latest livestream. “It is something that has been criticized by some new players specifically. […] One of the big things that they’re speaking about is the combat, so we wanted to do something about that, and it’s also in preparation for the alchemy system.”

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