Embers Adrift’s latest content roadmap confirms new zones, new quests, and new creatures


This weekend saw a pretty important livestream debut for Embers Adrift fans, as several of Stormhaven Studios’ developers came together to talk about the newest roadmap, which offers a look at content updates planned for the rest of 2023.

Among the features planned for the MMORPG in Q3 and Q4 are new zones like the Highland Hills, Grizzled Peaks, and the third sections of the Forgotten Depths and Grimstone Canyon; some new dungeons in the form of the Vehueramen Ruins and Dryfoot Fortress; more layers for the alchemy crafting profession; several new creatures; some unexplained “big announcement work”; and a variety of new storylines, epic weapon quests, and epic quest POIs. The map also outlines updates ready for Q2 like long-form quests, first person mode, and the Cabal Alchemist faction.

The devs then spent most of the remaining broadcast discussing lore, setting, and background information related to several of these locations, as well as talking up the polishing work that the team has been doing on the MMORPG’s existing content.

Finally, the team talks about the slower pace of Embers, which the devs say is designed around players being able to absorb lore, have patience, and enjoy a journey rather than rush to the end – an idea the devs believe they need to improve upon and communicate better. “It is meant to be appreciated in a different way than your regular MMORPG,” community manager Elloa explains. “There’s plenty of MMORPGs that are ready for people who enjoy some fast-paced action, adrenaline – they’re great, they’re fantastic. But we wanted to create something different.” The full broadcast awaits below.

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