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Fae Farm’s latest dev livestream looks at NPC relationships, customization, and mid-game activities

Phoenix Labs' upcoming multiplayer life sim Fae Farm is back once again with another gameplay livestream featuring the devs, but this time around the...

The Stream Team: Romping around with a friend in some Cat Quest II multiplayer

And now for something completely different. Or perhaps something Not So Massively? In any case, MOP's Chris is going to take to the fur-tastic...

Dauntless’ latest patch adds weapon trackers for headbutting rams and petting dogs, runs afoul of PS4 players

Have you ever wondered how many times you've petted the dogs or butted heads with the rams of Dauntless? Well wonder no more because...

Baldur’s Gate 3 unveils a fully customizable origin and confirms romanceable characters

A recent Panel from Hell showcase for the upcoming single-player/multiplayer RPG Baldur's Gate 3 was the perfect stage for developer Larian Studios to make...

Baldur’s Gate 3 launches PC early on August 3, delays PS5 version to September 6

In a year stuffed full of delays, it'll be a welcome change to see a game launch early, and that's just what Baldur's Gate...

Pathfinder Abomination Vaults is a ‘co-op forward’ hack-and-slash ARPG headed to Kickstarter soon

The Pathfinder IP has had some reasonable success in the video game realm with Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, but in...
Sure, all right.

Wayfinder shares updates to movement, combat, and UI while eyeing a late 2023 launch window

With Wayfinder moving closer to its planned closed beta test session on May 10th, you would assume that the multiplayer RPG's next build would...

Dauntless kicks off its fourth Gauntlet season with new cells and cycled battle passes

If your idea of a good time in Dauntless is playing the game's Gauntlet season, then you're in luck: The newest patch to the...

Dauntless begins Gauntlet Season 3, raises banked weapon XP, and reruns the Silver Sword quest

Regular followers of our Dauntless coverage were already familiar with several of the multiplayer RPG's upcoming features, but now Slayers can actually experience many...

Mobile co-op multiplayer RPG Echoes of Mana announces a May 15 sunset

Echoes of Mana is not a game that we've really touched on here but it does fall within our sphere of interest: The mobile...

Dauntless heralds today’s NPC-loving Saint’s Bond Valentine’s event with a new trailer

Things are getting all lovey-dovey in Dauntless as the game's Saint's Bond event brings all sorts of Valentine's Day-themed sweetness today, February 9th. While...

Not So Massively: Dark Envoy’s demo is where RPG meets RTS

A while back I stumbled across the Steam page for co-op CRPG Dark Envoy and had the thought it could be fun to play...

Ex-DICE alumni have formed a new studio focused on making a co-op online RPG built for small populations

After years working on the Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefied games, a small team headed by former DICE directors and featuring several ex-DICE employees...

Dauntless outlines plans for another round of XP, token, and returning seasonal events in latest roadmap

The Twitter account for Dauntless has once again put forth a small roadmap for the next couple of months, providing a quick bird's eye...

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is adding more monsters, egg hunts, and hardmode

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is still getting some nice, repeatable attention from Capcom. Starting September 30th, dragon fans will be happy to finally have...

Not So Massively: Meet the new Torchlight, same as the old Torchlight

Last week brought the bombshell announcement that the MMOARPG Torchlight: Frontiers has been rebooted as simply Torchlight III, a more traditional ARPG with single-player...

Former BioWare and Blizzard devs announce new online co-op RPG Dauntless

At the 2016 Game Awards last night, gamers laid eyes on Dauntless, a new online multiplayer (but not massively so, alas) RPG from indie...