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Early access life sim RPG My Time at Sandrock tests its multiplayer mode January 12

If you love those cozy life sim RPGs like Animal Crossing and Rune Factory, you're perhaps familiar with My Time at Sandrock, an in-development...

Fae Farm is a ‘magical and cozy co-op farm sim’ coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Most of our readers know Phoenix Labs as the dev studio behind the multiplayer co-op monster slayer Dauntless, but the studio's newly announced game...

Disney announces life sim Dreamlight Valley with multiplayer potential

If your wildest gaming dreams involved the, ahem, goofy combination of Disney, Pixar, Stardew Valley, and The Sims, then you're weirdly in luck. Gameloft and...

Social life sim MMO Polity plans 2022 launch as closed beta marches on

Last spring, we covered a new-to-us MMO called Polity by Jib Games. It's essentially a Turkish indie social game that borrows ideas from The...

The Daily Grind: Are we witnessing the rise of the ‘life sim’ MMO?

What do you call games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing? MMO dev Damion Schubert recently put out a call for a good term...

MMO sim RAW lets you live out your fantasy of being a convenience store clerk, seeks Kickstarter funding

Have you ever wished that you could spend your days slinging cigarettes over a counter? Or market used cars to gullible customers? Or grow...