Early access life sim RPG My Time at Sandrock tests its multiplayer mode January 12


If you love those cozy life sim RPGs like Animal Crossing and Rune Factory, you’re perhaps familiar with My Time at Sandrock, an in-development early access sequel to Pathea Games’ My Time at Portia. Normally this single-player game wouldn’t be in our wheelhouse except for the reveal of an open test of the game’s new multiplayer mode, which will run between January 12th and 19th.

Sandrock has held a multiplayer mode test before on December 12th, but that test was a closed affair. Not only will this new test be open, but the multiplayer mode will offer a wide variety of updates including commerce guild expansion features, advanced time management systems, more co-op missions tuned for multiplayer, a planting system, and a dungeon for players to plumb together.

This new multiplayer mode is still in a testing phase and Sandrock itself is an early access title, with plans to be in early access for about a year. If those asterisks aren’t a bother to you and you’ve got some friends who like pastoral RPGs, perhaps this test is up your alley.

source: Steam (1, 2, 3)
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