SMITE opens voting for its 2023 player council, Divine Knockout releases Zeus and a new battlefied


While Divine Knockout and SMITE don’t have much in common in terms of gameplay, they are both Hi-Rez games where deific beings battle it out for reasons, so we’re pulling their most recent headlines together in one place as a result.

The SMITE news is less about the game proper and more about its Olympians Player Council, which is now taking votes on who should be part of the group this year. For those who are unfamiliar, this council is “a player advocacy group consisting of players elected by the SMITE game community to provide continuous feedback to the development team at Titan Forge Games.”

Meanwhile, the physics platform brawler Divine Knockout released an update earlier this week that introduced Zeus to the roster, added a new 3v3 Spirit Shrine map, made some balance changes to several characters, and reduced the runes cost of gods from 600 to 500.

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