Nightingale recaps its most recent playtest and dishes on future plans

Looks fine, no notes.

So how did playtesting go for Nightingale during its June event? Well, the latest video from Inflexion Games definitely seems pretty positive, although there’s no effort to downplay that the game did encounter issues. The studio says players enjoyed traversing the realm, liked using climbing picks to traverse the terrain, and definitely enjoyed getting to play with third-person mode. While first-person mode is still a priority, the option is intended to be ready for prime time ahead of the early access release.

What’s next? Acting on constructive criticism, primarily. Crafting needs improving so that it doesn’t feel like a grind and the balance is maintained, progression needs pacing improvements, and the UI needs polish. There are also quality-of-life features that need to be prioritized for additions for early access launch and which can be left for post-release. Another playtest is definitely in the works, but there are no firm dates or details just yet; readers will recall that the game was meant to hit early access last year and was delayed to this past spring, then delayed again to this coming fall. It remains to be seen whether that’ll hold.

You can catch up on the full breakdown in the video just below.

Source: YouTube
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