Skyforge tries to sync seasonal updates for Xbox players by skipping into the Gorgonides season


Skyforge decided to play a little bit of leap frog for its Xbox version. The latest update to the game brought the Gorgonides season online for Xbox players, but for those who aren’t keeping score, this means that the previous Mechanoids season that was due in May was skipped in the interest of seasonal update parity with other platforms.

The announcement was made on Discord ahead of today’s patch, along with word that Xbox players will be receiving the main rewards that were otherwise offered in the Mechanoids season, including a Gorgonides season pass, 2,000 Argents, 15,000 Knowledge of Enemies, and Eidoi Replicators.

The announcement also promises that all of the events Xbox players missed will be launched in the coming weeks, starting off with this year’s Aelion Day celebration that went out to PC and Nintendo Switch players in April. The event will run for two weeks on Xbox and offer similar cosmetic goodies, just on a slightly altered and temporary timetable.

sources: Discord, official site (1, 2, 3)
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