Star Anvil’s Secret World TTRPG is about to start delivering draft digital rulebooks to backers

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The progress for Star Anvil Studios’ tabletop RPG rendition of The Secret World continues to make forward movement. The latest announcement post from Kickstarter confirms that backers should be receiving a raw PDF of the core rulebook in their email inboxes soon. [Update: Star Anvil has clarified that “raw” means text-only, which we suspect will suit eager KS backers just fine: “For clarity, we will deliver a raw text only for backers to get a peek at what’s going on,” they tweeted. “The full layout of the core book is in progress now.” We’ve tweaked our headline to make that more clear too!]

Star Anvil will first send a test PDF to backer emails sometime this week to ensure that its digital delivery system is operating properly. After that – and if all goes well – the raw PDF of the core rulebook should be landing to backers sometime next weekend using the same delivery system. “Keep your fingers crossed, and if everything works the way it should, we’ll be sending you the raw rulebook so you can get your games going as early as seven days from now,” the announcement reads.

Meanwhile, other progress reports from July detail where stretch goal production lies at the moment: Maps have been completed; writing and layout work continues for things like monster cards, the bestiary, and the game’s introduction adventure; and the audio drama has had its script approved by Funcom, meaning production is now in progress.

source: Kickstarter (1, 2), thanks to Ocho for the tip!


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