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but mah namedays

Wisdom of Nym: Hands-on with the Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set

On some level, the Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set was very much a product conceived and released to gauge interest. I don't need...
but mah namedays

Final Fantasy XIV is launching a tabletop RPG starter set in May 2024

If you've ever stared at your Dungeons & Dragons books, then at your Final Fantasy XIV lore books, and then muttered to yourself that...
spooky, kinda

Star Anvil’s Secret World TTRPG is about to start delivering draft digital rulebooks to backers

The progress for Star Anvil Studios' tabletop RPG rendition of The Secret World continues to make forward movement. The latest announcement post from Kickstarter...
But what awaits...

Star Anvil opens Secret World TTRPG pre-orders through Backerkit

Fans of The Secret World already know that tabletop game developer Star Anvil Studios is putting together a TTRPG version of the MMO; the...

Sea of Thieves tabletop board game confirms a summer release window and gameplay details

Last month tabletop gaming studio Steamforged Games issued a barely veiled teaser for a board game based on Sea of Thieves. That studio has...

Dungeons & Dragons’ OGL fiasco ends in victory for third-party content like The Secret World TTRPG

Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro flooped around and found out. As we discussed earlier this month, the stewards of the Dungeons & Dragons...

Star Anvil’s Secret World TTRPG shares images of card decks and draugr as crowdfunding moves past $100K

The TTRPG for The Secret World being created and crowdfunded by Star Anvil Studios continues to roar along. As of this story's writing, the...

Star Anvil’s Secret World tabletop RPG has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal

As we've been reporting, while Funcom is more or less content to leave both versions of Secret World in maintenance mode for the indefinite...

The Secret World’s tabletop RPG sourcebook heads to Kickstarter in October

Last November we caught wind of the creation of a tabletop RPG game based on the long-neglected MMO The Secret World, which got the...

Elder Scrolls Online promotes Chip Theory’s Tamriel board game

When you're forced to take a break from playing Elder Scrolls Online to hunker down with family and friends at game night, you will...

Star Anvil’s Secret World tabletop game is coming in 2022

Funcom may have largely given up on Secret World Legends, but this horror universe is continuing in an unlikely fashion: as a tabletop game....