Elder Scrolls Online promotes Chip Theory’s Tamriel board game


When you’re forced to take a break from playing Elder Scrolls Online to hunker down with family and friends at game night, you will soon have a way to bring your Tamriel adventures to the kitchen table.

This week, ZeniMax promoted independent board game company Chip Theory Games and its upcoming project, The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era. ZOS said that MMO players “might recognize elements from The Elder Scrolls Online when playing the board game.”

Chip Theory and ZeniMax have been in consultation about the board game to keep it in line with the lore and plot of the MMO. It should be arriving this fall.

“The Tamriel featured in ESO provides the core basis of the world players will inhabit in Betrayal of the Second Era. The guilds they join, many of the classes they’ll be able to spec into, and the locations they visit will all be informed by ESO, even as the board game takes its story in a new direction,” said Chip Theory owner Josh Carlson.

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