MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Eterspire, Dead Event, and Archewood


Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs you’ve (probably) never heard of before. And if you’ve heard of them, awesome – here’s what they’re up to!

EterspireEterspire – and yes, that’s spelled right – is a cutesy free-to-play browser-based MMORPG funded exclusively through Patreon. “Explore an open-world comprised of different maps filled with monsters and loot. Meet new friends, customize your character, cook, fish, go on adventures, complete quests, collect dozens of different items, and then come back for more!” developers Lartu and Tejo say.

Dead Event – Don’t let the name fool you here; this game is alive, and in fact it just dropped into early access on Steam back in November. Developer SourJ and publisher Tactical Edge Gaming are hoping to get the game fully launched by the end of 2022; the creature-centric MMO promises colony formation, PvE dungeons, questing, harvesting, seasons, events, and “hardcore open world player vs. player” in which you “fight for territory in intense colony wars.”

Archewood – If survival MMOs are more your vibe, here comes a 2-D pixel art one for your eyeballs. As of press time, the game has counted over 3000 players, and it’s super cute. The indie team told Redditors that it’s still being heavily developed, with plans for roguelike instancing, PvP, and a fully player-drive economy. They’ve also promised to avoid pay-to-win, with monetization focused on premium accounts and cosmetics.

“Explore, pvp, fight monsters, questing, party up, dungeons, train skills, loot, and much more! Archewood, the new growing pixel MMORPG is now available to play. Join forces with people around the world to conquer inside the hidden realms of Archewood. Choose between 4 unique classes! Loot unique equipment and drops! Fight your way through endless monsters! Explore each new world as you level! Fight players to show off your skills! Complete quests to uncover the lore! Train unique skills for rewards! Join forces with friend or foe to complete raids and dungeons!”

Drop us a line if you stumble across an MMO we’ve never covered – or you want us to dig into!

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