Star Anvil’s Secret World TTRPG shares images of card decks and draugr as crowdfunding moves past $100K


The TTRPG for The Secret World being created and crowdfunded by Star Anvil Studios continues to roar along. As of this story’s writing, the Kickstarter drive has blown past the $100K funding mark, which means that another stretch goal has unlocked in the form of three new maps – one for the headquarters of each of the game’s three factions. These maps will be added to those who pledged at least $40. The post that announced the new stretch goal also offered up digital mock-ups of what the game’s power card and monster card decks should look like.

More recently, the TTRPG’s Kickstarter shared a sneak peek at art for the draugr, along with a little blurb from one of the game’s artists, who say this version of the well-known enemy type is noticeably different from the in-game version in order to “freshen up” its look.

Readers will recall that the TTRPG’s crowdfunding drive had blazed by its original $40K ask on the same week its Kickstarter opened – despite the sourcebooks and materials costing a minimum of $40 digitally and a base of $60 physically (plus printing costs, which for the core book start at around 20 additional bucks, plus more for shipping).

Gamers in The Secret World’s Discord have inquired about gameplay previews in early October, which the team said were coming, but thus far none has been released publicly. Kickstarter backers have likewise asked about the state of the game; here’s the latest response on the crowdfunding platform, in which developers clarify the game is not yet complete.

“We have access to a fairly large bit of art from Funcom, we have shared several pieces of that already. We have also shared a recent new piece in the most recent update. You can see the new Draug art there. Setting writing is about a third of the way done already. We’re not doing a demo kit or a quickstart if that’s what you’re asking. There are essentially two types of Kickstarters. Those that already have everything done and are really just doing a pre order and those that are doing it to actually make the book. We are type two. So we are finishing setting writing, working on layout etc now. Work is progressing rapidly and we hope to share another piece of art next week.”

source: Kickstarter (1, 2)
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