Star Anvil’s Secret World tabletop RPG has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal

But it'll cost you a pretty penny to buy a copy


As we’ve been reporting, while Funcom is more or less content to leave both versions of Secret World in maintenance mode for the indefinite future, there’s going to be one new way to get your conspiracy-laden fix: a tabletop RPG that’s in the works by Star Anvil Studios.

And in fact, the project rolled out its crowdfunding campaign this week on Kickstarter. The good news is that the TTRPG easily cleared its $40,000 funding goal in pretty much the first day. The bad news? Buying yourself a copy of this won’t be cheap.

To secure yourself a digital copy of the sourcebook, power deck, and art book, you’ll need to pony up $40. But for a printed edition, the cost rises to $60 — and that’s not factoring in shipping and handling fees.

While the game isn’t being developed by Funcom, Star Anvil did hire one of the writers of The Secret World, Joshua Doetsch, to help with the lore of the RPG. Some of the stretch goals for the project include adding more pages to the sourcebook, handing out monster decks to everyone, and enlarging the artbook.

Source: Kickstarter
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