The Secret World’s tabletop RPG sourcebook heads to Kickstarter in October


Last November we caught wind of the creation of a tabletop RPG game based on the long-neglected MMO The Secret World, which got the green light from Funcom about a year ago. Since then, game creator Star Anvil Studios has been generally quiet save for mention that the game would be available in 2022 and that a Kickstarter to finish funding the project would happen when it’s closer to launch.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, when a new tweet from Star Anvil announced plans to launch the crowdfunding drive for the sourcebook this October. “We’re shepherding a project to Kickstarter in October that means a lot to us,” reads the tweet. “Are you ready to walk alongside the Dragon, the Illuminati, and the Templars? This October… you’ll find out.”

The TSW RPG book will fall in line with the systems that power Dungeons & Dragons’ 5th edition, so if you’re among those players or DMs who use that system as a base for your TTRPG gaming, you’re very possibly going to have some new material to build a party around soon. On that subject, there’s still no firm word on when this book will launch or whether it will actually do so by the end of this year. Still, for those desperate for anything related to the TSW IP, there may be a possible sip of water soon.

source: Twitter, cheers Ocho and Katriana!
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