Star Anvil opens Secret World TTRPG pre-orders through Backerkit

But expect to pay up if you want the physical items

But what awaits...

Fans of The Secret World already know that tabletop game developer Star Anvil Studios is putting together a TTRPG version of the MMO; the project opened its Kickstarter last October and quickly climbed to $150K in total funding. However, if you’re among those who missed out on that drive and want to secure your copy ahead of time, the studio is now offering that chance.

The TSW RPG is up for pre-order on Backerkit, which will let players snag a core copy of the game, which includes a 240-page rule book, a 150-page art book, and a power deck for playing the game. This core set is available in either digital format for $40 or a DriveThru RPG print voucher for $60, though fans who go for the latter option will also have to pay for the cost of printing and shipping through DriveThru RPG. Fans can also get print vouchers for monster cards, pre-generated player characters, or a collector’s edition cover.

Star Anvil offered approximate information about those associated printing costs, noting that it costs $20 for standard color printing, $41 for premium color printing, $16 for the power cards, and $6 for the monster cards. All told, those who want all of the physical gubbins should expect to have over $100 at minimum ready to go, and that doesn’t account for shipping costs. These things are pricey, after all.

That same post also offers steps for backers of the original Kickstarter to ensure they get their pledge, which must be completed by March 31st.

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