Star Anvil’s Secret World TTRPG Kickstarter successfully funds with $150K raised


Secret World fans, prepare yourself for the only Secret World content you’re going to get in the foreseeable future: Star Anvil Studios’ The Secret World tabletop roleplaying project successfully funded on Kickstarter this afternoon, with almost 2000 backers pledging over $150,000 – significantly over the original $40,000 ask.

The group had opened the Kickstarter in early October with Funcom’s blessing, telling backers that the studio has cooperated in providing art and lore to make the project happen; Star Anvil also noted that the game isn’t actually complete yet and the Kickstarter isn’t just a preorder, so you’ll be waiting a bit until the admittedly pricy package you paid for is actually shipped out. And by a bit, we mean about a year, as the current ETA is October of 2023.

“Setting writing is about a third of the way done already. […] There are essentially two types of Kickstarters. Those that already have everything done and are really just doing a pre order and those that are doing it to actually make the book. We are type two. So we are finishing setting writing, working on layout etc now. Work is progressing rapidly and we hope to share another piece of art next week.”

Just in the last few weeks, backers unlocked multiple new stretch goals, including a bestiary document and an audio drama, though it looks like the campaign ended just short of the expanded gamemaster chapter and adventure seeds.

“Now the real work begins,” the studio tweeted in thanking its backers.

Source: Kickstarter
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