Frozen Flame confirms an early access launch date of November 17


The time is nigh for the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame to step out of closed testing and into early access. Developer Dreamside Interactive and publisher Ravenage Games have confirmed a November 17th early access release date.

The reveal recounts the setting of Frozen Flame as well as props up its juxtaposition of “a challenging survival experience, the vibrant colors and distinct create and character design lean to a more welcoming survival experience.” According to the game’s Steam store page, early access is projected to run for 12 months, with plans to add more biomes, monsters, high-level content and mechanics, and the ultimate final boss fight that closes out its overarching narrative of avoiding the game world’s death.

Readers know that we’ve been following Frozen Flame since 2020, from its initial founder testing in July of that year, its closed beta about two months after that, up to its open beta test this past weekend. The game was originally angling for an early access launch in the first quarter of this year, but was delayed up until now.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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