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Massively OP Podcast Episode 397: What we have here is a failure to negotiate

Justin and Bree discussion WoW China's sunset, the Blizzard/Netease debacle, LOTRO's mini-expansion, EverQuest II, Frozen Flame, and ArcheAge 2, with adventures in WoW, LOTRO, New World, SWG Legends, and Marvel Snap, plus a mailbag topic on boss taunting in MMOs.
So snipe.

Betawatch: Blue Protocol launches in spring 2023 in Japan

Well, after an unusually quiet span of time, Blue Protocol is approaching an actual launch. It's launching in early spring of 2023 in Japan,...

Crowdfunded survival MMO Frozen Flame officially enters early access

In the middle of 2020, we caught wind of a new multiplayer survival RPG called Frozen Flame; Russia-based studio Dreamside Interactive crowdfunded the game...

Betawatch: Ilysia pretties up its visuals as it advances in beta

How pretty do you want your Ilysia? The designers are hoping the answer is "quite pretty" as they work on prettying up the game...

Frozen Flame confirms an early access launch date of November 17

The time is nigh for the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame to step out of closed testing and into early access. Developer Dreamside Interactive...
Icy Hot, but a game.

Betawatch: Frozen Flame is hosting an open beta this weekend

Supposedly, Frozen Flame is still coming to early access in the not-too-distant future, but you can see how the game plays before that happens....

Multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame is holding an open beta test this weekend

If you've been curious about the multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame, whether because you checked out the game's free demo or watched our stream...

The Stream Team: Taking a look inside the demo version of Frozen Flame

Demos are great. We love demos. MOP's Chris loves demos. And since Frozen Flame put out a big update at the beginning of the...

Frozen Flame’s latest update revamps systems, adds a new zone, and improves combat

There's been a pretty sizeable update made to the multiplayer RPG Frozen Flame this week, which seeks to act on a whole bunch of...

Frozen Flame launches a survival mode, expands its prologue, and brings colder weather

If you want to experience the survival RPG Frozen Flame with more of the survival and less of the RPG, then you're in luck:...
I'm sure somebody thinks that's neat!

Betawatch: World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight approaches internal testing

Oh, yay, the much-delayed World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is apparently going headlong into internal alpha testing! No, that statement doesn't mean there were formal...

Frozen Flame plans fall 2022 early access, free demo next week

When last we checked in on survival MMO Frozen Flame, Dreamside Interactive had just implemented a major update and was still targeting Q1 2022...

The MOP Up: Wakfu conjures up a cosmetics inventory

Wakfu's newest patch, Update 1.75, goes live this week with a cosmetics inventory, a revamped Osamodas class, an inventory search bar, and far more. "The...

The MOP Up: Uncharted Waters Online decodes the secrets of human heritage

Uncharted Waters Online's "greatest challenge yet" arrived last week with its Olympia patch. This update added a new legacy theme to decode, a fight...

Survival MMO Frozen Flame updates closed beta crafting, targets Q1 2022 early access

We've had our eye on crowdfunded survival MMO Frozen Flame since 2020, and it's been poking along in closed beta ever since. At the...
Is this about my cube?

Frozen Flame’s latest patch adds new skills, new floating islands, and new cubes

Don't you love cubes? Frozen Flame's latest patch is hoping you love some cubes because one of the big things that it's adding are new...

Frozen Flame’s Brave New World update adds new magic systems, combat updates, and progression trees

The multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame has taken some big new steps. Steps so big, the game's latest update has skipped ahead a couple...

The MOP Up: Genshin Impact puts on a global concert

There's no doubt among fans that Genshin Impact has an amazing soundtrack, so there should be a whole lot of people happy to hear...
Bring a flame, we guess.

Frozen Flame adds its first dungeon along with a revamped ability tree and straw styles

If your video game doesn't involve going into a dark hole to kill a monster and take its stuff, what's even the point? Don't...

Frozen Flame’s latest update adds angry ghosts, mystical cubes, more spells, and Ancient Valley changes

The multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame has put together another new update and it has a little bit of everything for players. Especially those...