Frozen Flame recounts its early access release and shares a roadmap of future update plans


It’s been a while since Frozen Flame put forth any major dev update post – its last one was at the tail end of March -but now developer Dreamside Interactive is back once again with its third dev diary, which looks back at the game’s early access release and provides yet another content roadmap.

The retrospective looks back on the missteps made at the beginning of the game’s early release last November, which Dreamside attributes to a “frenzied” and “sleepless” pace of development that resulted in noticeable errors. The studio also notes that most of the “Mixed” reviews Frozen Flame has received on Steam are a result of missing public servers and content, but it promises that those are solved now.

As for the game’s future, the devs are currently hard at work on a new large biome complete with new quests and rewards, as well as plans to break up the current survival mode into two pieces: one featuring a tougher cooperative survival experience, and the other with a focus on PVP and RPG elements. Players can expect more information on the developing biome soon and beta tests for the split survival modes later down the line.

Peering further into Frozen Flame’s development roadmap, we see the promise of new game modes, the game’s next story chapter, and new equipment arriving sometime later this year. Further additions like an Ice Citadel location, new enemies, new combat abilities, and enchanting are also on the map but don’t have any determined release window. The full roadmap can be seen below the break.

source: Steam
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