Old School RuneScape explains 2023 Deadman prize structure, RuneScape showcases Necromancy rituals


The competitive playerbase of Old School RuneScape is apparently not too pleased with the new-look Deadman mode later this summer, particularly because the prize pool is being spread out across multiple players. This feedback has caused Jagex to issue an extremely detailed response about the matter, as well as reply to other feedback points raised by players.

In terms of the prizing for Deadman: Apocalypse, it looks like that isn’t going to change, and it’s because the studio is trying to give less incentive for people to screw with the competition; readers may remember that “direct network attacks” launched by players is what caused lag spikes during the 2021 Deadman: Reborn finals.

“What we’re getting at is that despite us investing significant time and money into delivering a truly competitive experience, […] we’ve not been able to do so,” Jagex admits. “Rather than re-tread old ground and expect things to go differently, we’re trying to mitigate risks by reducing the incentives for bad-faith actors, and a more widely distributed prizepool is one way for us to do this when it comes to the ‘last player standing’ portion of rewards.”

The rest of the post discusses the return of combat bracket worlds for this year’s Deadman, talks about automatic quest rewards, and further elaborates on the blighted weapons mechanic. Jagex also put out a progress report on its bespoke accounts system that mulls over the system’s adoption rate, digests player feedback, and outlines the system’s next steps forward.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, it’s once again all about the August 7th release of Necromancy as the devs offer a closer look at the rituals mechanic of the skill. This non-combat pillar of Necromancy will be a crucial part of the skill, as it provides combat resources and an additional path to getting XP. As for this week’s patch, that involves fixing typos in skill guides, tweaking the Unwelcome Guests quest and the Woodcutters’ Grove activity, and applying several currency-related fixes, among many other things.

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