Jagex attributes lag spikes during Old School RuneScape’s Deadman finals to ‘direct network attacks’


Over the past three weeks, Old School RuneScape has been running its Deadman Reborn PvP competition, which hit its zenith this past Friday with a finals event to determine the ultimate winner. However, the whole affair didn’t go quite so smoothly as the event started suffering from lag spikes. Initially, Jagex announced that it believed these spikes were a result of “direct network attacks,” and a follow-up post yesterday appears to affirm these conclusions.

Jagex noted that the UK was experiencing wider network problems at the time, but those issues were deemed to be coincidental and would not have contributed to the Deadman game world’s lag issues. Jagex will let the final results of the event stand as investigations continue for now, but there is the possibility that the Deadman finals will be rerun in order to determine who is the winner fair and square.

“Deadman demands so much from its competitors, and to see all that terrific effort wasted is heartbreaking,” closes the post. “We’d like to apologize to all Deadman participants, and we’d like to thank all players for your patience and continued support.”

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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