Old School RuneScape sets Desert Treasure II quest for July 26, details next Deadman mode


Old School RuneScape decided to unleash a whole bunch of announcements of the content roadmap variety over this past weekend, as Jagex has provided a look at what’s arriving over the summer season, headlined with the launch of its next quest Desert Treasure II on Wednesday, July 26th.

The roadmap post calls this new quest the biggest yet for OSRS, with the primary content feature being four boss fights that can be taken on repeatedly in post-quest encounters. What is going to be missing is the Ruinous Powers prayer book, which readers will recall has been shelved for the time being.

After that, the Summer Summit livestream is scheduled for Saturday, August 19th, when the devs will share “the content line-up for the rest of the year and beyond.” As one might expect, there are not too many details here, but it promises to be an “amazing” showcase.

Finally, late summer will see the next Deadman mode go live called Deadman: Apocalypse. This upcoming mode got its own dev blog, which outlined the primary mechanic of breaches opening up around the map that spawn bosses for players to fight until the final moments of the mode sees these portals break all over the world, monsters flood the map, and a fog close in to isolate players in one area until there’s one player left standing. The post also provides granular detail about returning mechanics like sigils, new blighted weapons to help late arrivals catch up, and the addition of a points system for rewards since this new-look Deadman is less about esports competition and more about survival.

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