2003’s Endless Online returns in 2023 with a new official server run by its original developer


There were plenty of pixel graphic isometric MMORPGs running around in the 2000’s – Furcadia and Habbo Hotel immediately spring to mind – but there was also a perhaps lesser-known one called Endless Online, a modern fantasy-styled title from developer Vult-R that ran between 2003 and 2016. The game appears to have been shut down that year when the developer claimed his login details were given away by virtual server company BuyVM. Even so, Vult-R appears to have remained very busy with the game, creating a couple of mobile apps, while a fan server has otherwise been online (though it calls itself a “wild west” in its rules section).

If you have fond memories (or any recollection) of the original MMORPG, then you might be delighted to learn that the game officially returned last week, owned and operated once again by Vult-R. A subreddit dedicated to the game chronicled the title’s gradual return, while the official site not only has a fresh installer but also a whole archive section with old patch notes and even the game’s old comic.

The latest post on the game’s site calls attention to the fact that there are server upgrades experiencing various issues thanks to a surprising number of players coming back to EO, but Vult-R is reportedly on the case. Whether you’re one of the many surprised by the game’s sudden revival or you’re looking to step into a time capsule, it looks like the time is now.

sources: official site via Reddit (1, 2), Endless Online 2 site, Google Play (1, 2), Web Hosting Talk forums
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