PlanetSide 2 continues to tweak implants and construction on PTS and kicks off a summertime event


We’re sorry to report to our PlanetSide 2 enjoyers that the game’s latest PTS build isn’t really working toward anything major. Even so, there are some unique updates in the oven that are worth some notice, so it’s worth a little bit of digital ink.

The updates Daybreak is working on are generally specific, including a couple of tweaks to targeting lasers, some updates to Glaive IPCs and Flail artillery strikes, and the removal of the Outmaneuver/Rally Mechanic implants from the game; that last one is because the devs believe “rewarding players for doing the things they should already be doing was perhaps misguided.” It’s not all a complete wash however, as the mechanics of these implants could be used by the devs for other abilities or objectives later down the line.

Meanwhile, the shooter’s Tides of Summer event kicked off last week, bringing the usual event-specific directives, a return of a massive squirt gun, and some new vehicle cosmetics to either earn or buy. The event runs between now and August 31st.

source: official site (1, 2)
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