summer event

Lord of the Rings Online’s merged Farmer’s Faire and Summer Festival are live today

With the addition of the Midsummer Festival a little while back, Lord of the Rings Online's summer season got more than a little full...

Star Trek Online gives out free Lower Decks duty officers, starts summer event

This week, Star Trek's newest TV series debuted. But instead of it being a serious, live-action show, Star Trek: Lower Decks is an animated...

The Stream Team: Starting Trove’s Splendid Summer Event

What, you thought it was just spring? Get with the times! It's summer now! At least it is in Trove event time: The Splendid...

Echo of Soul takes a trip to the beach, sells for under a buck

Who needs to go home and treat games like work when it's the middle of the summer? Let's all take a cue from Echo...

Pokemon Go Fest unleashes summer events in the US, Europe, and Japan

Can you believe Pokemon Go is almost a year old? Remember back when there was so much PoGo news that we gave up and...

ArcheAge activates a trio of summer events

If you think about it for a bit, MMO adventurers have a pretty tough life. They're always on the front lines, always fighting, always...
Serious game.

Star Trek Online details its fabulous non-spacecraft rewards for this year’s summer festival

You can earn yourself a powerful new starship in Star Trek Online's summer festival on Risa. That's wonderful. But the respect that such a...
Have a gay old time.

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival kicks off

Summer fun starts now in Star Trek Online, as the annual Lohlunat Festival kicks off for another year of flying around, riding powerboards, and...

Star Trek Online highlights summer events, addresses klesbiangate

Summer comes yet again, and while the distinction is kind of arbitrary in deep space, for those of us pretending to be in deep...