World of Tanks celebrates its 12th anniversary, War Thunder celebrates the summertime


I’ve never been inside of one, but I have to believe that the interiors of war vehicles are pretty darn warm. For fans of the multiplayer military vehicle battlers War Thunder and World of Tanks, things are about to get even warmer as both titles are kicking off some hot celebrations.

We begin with WOT as it celebrates its 12th anniversary by handing out cosmetic items to players for simply logging in, hands out goodies like a new rapid-firing Lago M38 premium tank for completing anniversary missions, and opens up an in-game store where players can spend Anniversary Coins for things like bonds, crew members, 2-D styles, and more. The celebration is running until Monday, August 22nd.

Meanwhile in War Thunder, the Summer Quest event is underway, which grants players the opportunity to unlock several new vehicles like the Hungarian Zrinyi I self-propelled gun, the American F4D-1 Skyray carrier-based fighter jet, the German Leopard 2AV tank, and the Japanese battleship Haruna. In order to get these vehicles and other prizes, players simply need to complete missions and earn points.

The website notes that there will be fewer points required to unlock the vehicles, but those who want to trade vehicle coupons on the market will need an upgrade that is a bit harder to obtain. The link above has all the event details, while the Summer Quest ends on Monday, August 29th.

sources: press releases, World of Tanks site, War Thunder site
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