Overwatch 2’s 2023 Summer Games event introduces volleyball and brings back soccer

Or football or Lucioball depending on who you ask


The summer season has officially arrived to Overwatch 2 as the 2023 edition of the Summer Games event has officially arrived to the FPS, and this time around it’s bringing a new sportsball game to the mix along with a returning one.

This year’s event introduces Winston’s Beach Volleyball, which sees two teams of three scrambling around a sandy course in an attempt to bonk a giant volleyball into the opposing team’s side of the beach. The event also reruns the Lucioball soccer minigame, with three different courses to play on and Lucioball Remix modifiers that add extra balls worth more points to the field.

Naturally, the Summer Games event has cosmetics on offer for completing event challenges, including a new spray, a victory pose, an epic Doomfist skin, a Lucioball weapon charm, and up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP. The event runs until July 24th.

In addition to the Summer Games, the shooter’s latest patch makes several tweaks to the On Fire mechanic, introduces the new Team Queue for competitive players, and applies several hero balance adjustments.

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